August 4, 2017

Activities Galore!

We’re only a week into the session but our campers are already making us proud with their ambition and drive. We know that Arowhon is known for the high level of skill that our campers achieve in their activities, and the past few days have proven that true. The weather hasn’t put a damper on the spirits or energy of our campers, who have continued to work on their flare jibes, running pries, dynos, and posting trots. In fact today we gave out our first high class awards of the summer: 2nds in climbing to 2 very deserving Inter Girls!

As the momentum of the month continues to build, we want to take a moment to recognize how privileged we are to get to spend our summer in the pristine wilderness of Algonquin Park – a world class canoe tripping destination. We’ve had several trips arriving back today triumphant and with smiles, each camper standing a little taller and more confident in their ability to take on challenges. There is no experience more powerful than being in the wilderness with a small group. Learning that you can get to the end of the portage or carry a heavier bag than you thought is a lesson that our kids (and staff) take home with them at the end of the summer and will stay with them for the rest of their lives.