Camp Closed Summer 2020

Director's Message

It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform you that Camp Arowhon is closed for Summer 2020.

The Ontario government announced that summer camps in Ontario will not be allowed to operate this summer. Cancelling camp is incredibly sad – for all of us, campers and parents, staff and directors. To think of camp silent, without the joyous sounds of kids at play, to imagine the Main Lodge empty and quiet, the lake minus canoes, windsurfers, kayaks and sailboats – is heartbreaking.

Our sacred trust is always, above all, to keep every camper and staff in our care safe, and by extension their families. We could not live with ourselves if an asymptomatic camper or staff unknowingly infected others who then either became seriously ill, or went home and infected vulnerable relatives. To allow this would be immoral.

For so many kids, camp is where they find their best self and their closest friends, and losing a summer at camp is unbearably sad. Camp is our happy place. We adore the hijinks, the camaraderie, the community support, marvelling at double rainbows over Tepee Lake, and about a million other things that happen in a normal day at camp.

We empathize with your grief and feelings of loss about cancelling Camp.

Together, we’ll dream of when we can be together again on the sunny shores of Tepee Lake.

- Joanne Kates

Virtual Camp

Stay tuned for more info!

Online LIT Program

Contact Mara at for more info.

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