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July 9, 2014

Just another day at camp…. so much happens

Senior Boys and Inter Girls came back from trip today and everyone I talked to reported having a great trip… This morning at breakfast the High Ropes staff did a pretty breathtaking skit – theme Flying Squirrel – and that’s what campers did all day at High Ropes – fly! At lunch the Inter Boys staff did a […]

July 8, 2014

Junior Senior Night

My day started at 6:30 am listening to the refrain: “Stroke, stroke, stroke.” Senior Girls out paddling, and portaging circuits around camp, training for the marathon Brent canoe trip… And tonight was maybe the cutest night of the summer…. Junior Senior Night: Senior Girls and Junior Girls are paired up, and every Junior/Senior Girl duo dressed up the same… the […]

July 7, 2014

The Junior Play – Finding Nemo!

Just left the Junior Play – which got a standing ovation. It was Finding Nemo, with extravaganza costumes, a bubble machine and glorious lighting and music…. The Juniors may be small in stature but they’re large in talent – singing and dancing and acting their way into everyone’s hearts! Then the cast had their cast […]

July 6, 2014

Cookout and campfire

Last night was the first cookout and the first campfire of 2014. Cookout was yummy – home made hamburgers and French fries, veggie burgers and vegetarian hotdogs for the vegetarians. It was a glorious sunny dinnertime and fun for the whole camp to be eating outside together. Then evening activity was campfire for the whole […]

July 4, 2014

Buck Lake!

The Senior Boys annual play just ended – a creative triumph, written by the Senior Boys staff and performed by all the Senior Boys, a satire of camp staff and camp life. It was hysterically funny and the audience roared with laughter. Tomorrow morning seniors leave for a 10 day trip in Temagami.


Why does camp matter?

HERE are Some words of wisdom on WHY camp from psychologist Michael Thompson

July 3, 2014

Another great day – who needs sunshine?

Spirits have been high all day. It’s been cold (high 15’C today) and we’ve had occasional showers… We kept the younger kids mostly off the lake and out of the water today… and everyone who went swimming and windsurfing came to my cabin for hot chocolate and warmed up by the fire…. Kids who are […]


Today is a Ho Cho in Jo’s Day

It’s cool and grey today but we don’t care because spirits are high… Every camper who gets wet today – windsurfing or swimming – is invited to my cabin for Ho Cho in Jo’s.. They come in, sit on the (waterproof fake leather) couches in front of the fire, get served hot chocolate and then […]

July 1, 2014

Another great day at camp

Hot, sunny (except for  brief rain 1st period) and fun. At lineup this morning the trippers did a fun skit to promote 10 and 14 day canoe trips… The Juniors have already started rehearsals for their play, Finding Nemo (which was annoyed with a fully costumed extravaganza skit of course). The LITs got back from […]


Silver Sunshine

When I think back to my best memories as a camper, I remember the get well soon card my cabin made for me after I had to get stiches in the med lodge, the feeling of pride when I got to the end of the longest portage in Algonquin Park, and finding the muddiest spot […]