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July 29, 2014

We make the sunshine

‘Twas another cool grey day at camp (thank goodness no rain!)… And still the kids are playing outside with great spirits. To celebrate the weather (if you can’t beat it, join it) Inter Girls roasted marshmallows at the fire pit at the Circle of Benches after lunch, and again we served hot chocolate in my […]

July 28, 2014

HoCho in Jo’s

At lunch today we announced that all juniors and inters who had signed up for windsurfing in the afternoon should go to Arts and Crafts instead because it was too cold. On my way out of the ML, a group of Inter Girls surrounded me BEGGING to go windsurfing because “it’s not thaaaat cold and […]


August 2014 – Junior Boy Cabin Photos

Cabin 21 Cabin 19 Cabin 17 Cabin 15


August 2014 – Inter Boy Cabin Photos

Cabin XB Cabin XA Cabin 11 Cabin 9 Cabin 7


August 2014 – Senior Boy Cabin Photos

Cabin F Cabin W The Smalls Cabin K


August 2014 – Junior Girl Cabin Photos

Cabin 26 Cabin 24 Cabin 6 Cabin 4


August 2014 – Inter Girl Cabin Photos

Cabin 22 Cabin 20 Cabin 18 Cabin 14 Cabin 12 Cabin 8


August 2014 – Senior Girl Cabin Photos

The Curve Cabin 38B Cabin 38A Cabin 36


August 2014 – LIT Cabin Photo

July 27, 2014

2nd day of full program for 2nd session

Another great day – new campers learned sailing and canoeing and windsurfing and more… After an extravaganza play  break yesterday at breakfast, Juniors auditioned yesterday for he Junior play – Matilda – and this morning at breakfast the cast list was posted and rehearsals started. I spent 4th period teaching canoeing. Patrick, the head canoeing […]