July 11, 2018

It was a bittersweet morning as we said goodbye to the 2 week juniors. We’re sad to see them go but it was heartwarming seeing the joyous reunions and we’ve been getting fabulous emails all day telling us about all the fun camp stories that were told on the car ride home and around the dinner table. We made sure their last evening at camp was magical, with everyone’s favourite evening activity Junior Senior night (where the Juniors get paired with a Senior buddy and they dress up as twins and do a talent show together), followed by a beautiful canoe routine organized by alum and former canoe instructor Katie Simco.

It was a big day for Inters and Seniors as well: the Inter 7-day canoe trip left for the French River, and the white water trip for the Madawaska. We’re so proud of our intrepid explorers and can’t wait to hear the tales of their adventures when they return to us next week. Auditions continued for the Inter Senior play (Fame!), and the Senior Girls invented a wacky new variation of capture the flag where they painted their bodies and tried to sneak into each other’s territories and get to a giant piece of poster paper to make their mark.

While camp will be a little quieter with some Juniors gone, everyone is getting excited to find out when Circus Day is coming (never can tell;) and the older campers are starting to work on their high class awards.  The breeze was perfect again today and the lake was full of rail rides, flare jibes, buoy roundings, and more. Our new Zest sailboats are so popular they’ve gained their own verb (zesting) and adjective (zesty), and more importantly they are providing the perfect stepping stone between optis and snipes. Our campers continue to amaze us with their ambition and perseverance to improve their skills at activities and we’re inspired by their accomplishments every day. We hope to send them home with not only activity skills, but also confidence in their ability to take on challenges and learn new things.

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