July 17, 2019

Joanne was a very happy camper today as her best friend (and Senior Girls counsellor) arrived from New York for her annual visit. Jo put Barbara to work as soon as she arrived and the two of them spent the afternoon cooking up a storm that turned into a gourmet dinner served to the entire Senior Girls section in Versailles (their reward for earning the most money on Circus Day with their famous Soak-a-gram booth).

The Senior Girls rushed back to the Main Lodge for announcements to find out the results of yesterday’s Green Leech paddling race – a race around Tepee Lake’s Green Leech Island where contestants are allowed to paddle anything EXCEPT a regular canoe, and creativity is valued over speed. Notable crafts included a picnic table attached to two windsurf boards, the Lily Pad, a wading pool, and a giant inflatable unicorn paddled by an entire Senior Girls cabin.

The Junior Boys were thrilled to finally get to play Survival for their evening activity, and all the juniors are going to bed excited for their canoe trips tomorrow morning – each one with a unique theme (think pirates, astronauts, Lego, etc.). With the last week of camp upon us, older campers are working hard toward their high class awards and every day I see campers and staff meeting for extra training sessions before breakfast and after dinner  – a testament to the dedication of both campers and staff alike. The Inters and Seniors are polishing their lines for the upcoming performance of Grease, and the Senior Girls are working diligently on their original play: Rustic Lounge. Our paddle-making master also arrived today and it’s been thrilling to watch beautiful paddles emerge from planks of wood under the hands of our campers.

The energy on Planet Arowhon is buzzing and it’s clear that everyone here is making the most out of the last few days of first session.

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