July 15, 2021

Another letter from a child at camp to a parent

Dear Mommy and Daddy, I didn’t have time to write this to you yesterday so I’m writing it now because I wanted to tell you about my awesome day!!! Ok, so, my good day started with windsurf. Last time I went to surf, I didn’t enjoy it because I got stuck at the swim dock and there was no wind. 🙁 But this time I listened VERY carefully and I actually LOVED IT! 🙂 Next thing I knew, I was past Green Leech across the lake!!! I was so proud of myself but guess what? It gets better! Ok, so, there was a time when I felt like giving up and I was all wobbly, but I said to myself, “I am strong and I can do this,” and I did it!!!

Ok, so, basically, I just surfed ALL THE WAY to Green Leech and back, and then had a great lunch. Next period was kayak which I don’t love but I decided to keep an open mind. Once we were in the water, we all agreed to try and get our 3rds so the kayak instructor helped us learn a bunch new strokes and turns, and it was pretty fun! 🙂 Then near the end of class came the final thing: the dreaded wet exit. It’s basically when you flip and do a 180 out of your kayak. I was always afraid of doing it and decided I wasn’t going to until I saw everyone doing it, and I knew I had to step it up and take the leap! So I did. 🙂 I’m so glad I did as well, and now I’m almost at my 3rds!

Ok, so, after kayak I went with my cabin to ropes which I never went to before because it looked too high up and scary but this time as soon as we got to ropes, they got us in harnesses and climbing. Well, not right away because, of course, I forgot shoes so I borrowed from climb and then went up. I was at the top of the net when I decided to come down so I did. When I was down, I saw people climbing the hard wall and wished I could do it too! Then my old counsellor Sally, who now works at ropes, asked me if I wanted to go up so I said, “Sure.” 🙂 The beginning was quite hard because if you don’t equally balance your weight, you fall! Eventually, I was halfway up the wall, and before I knew it, at the top!! 🙂 At the top of the wall was a floating chair!!! One of the things on my bucket list was actually to sit on that chair, so I was REALLY excited when I sat on it. 🙂 All in all, that was a great day for me and I’m really proud of myself. 🙂 I love you guys! Byeeee!


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