July 18, 2019

Arowhon Memories Forever

We had a heart-warming visit today from a very special group of Arowhon alumni: Geta Richman, Wendy Eisen, Sharon Razumna, Marilyn Aarons, and Diane Hubert all came together (some up from the US) to pay their respects to their cabin mate Frances Kushner who passed away this year. They entertained us with tales of their youthful shenanigans, enjoyed lunch in the new Main Lodge, and led the whole camp in singing “Friends Friends Friends”. It’s never been more clear that Arowhon friendships really do span ages and miles…
In other news, the Juniors left on their canoe trips today with huge smiles and adorable costumes, and we’re glad to say the bugs have finally begun to abate. We also had our first high class tests today and cookout dinner was punctuated with newly-minted second class climbers and archers being carried proudly in on the shoulders of their sections.
We took advantage of the great weather to enjoy a waterfront evening activity: Zumba body-painting, paddle boarding, and a beach bash were enjoyed by all and we’re looking forward to another full day of fun on The Planet tomorrow… #enjoyingitwhileitlasts.

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