July 2, 2021

Back in Action

In 2019 when I sat down to write the blogs I thought about the most notable things in the day to highlight. Today, however, it wasn’t anything special or unusual that made the day – it was the opposite: how NORMAL it was.

Seeing the lake full of boats, kids walking around outside smiling and chatting with their friends, getting hushed by staff during announcements or comforted through challenging moments – this “normalcy” of a day at camp was the most exceptional thing I’ve witnessed for what feels like years.

All year we kept talking about how “kids need camp more than ever” but it wasn’t until seeing it back in action that I truly felt the impact of it. Of course things look and sound a little different than they did in 2019, but seeing how thrilled the kids are to just BE here is making me realize that all the little challenges pale in comparison to the most important things: the connection and lightness of being that camp, pandemic or not, allows.

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