July 9, 2022

Camp Drama

It’s been a dramatic couple of days on Tepee Lake… literally!
The 2022 Rustic Lounge theatre season kicked off with an amazingly adorable Moana Medley by the Juniors. They sang and danced their little hearts out and warmed ours with their courage and talent.
This morning at breakfast we were all on the edges of our seats awaiting the break of the Inter-Senior play, which didn’t disappoint. The wonderful skit transported us to a Mediterranean island where a young woman was reading from her mom’s journal, and DOT DOT DOT… we didn’t need to wait for the song to start to know it was going to be Mamma Mia – the ML erupted in cheers!
And speaking of performances, the Moose have spent the past few days writing and rehearsing their all-original staff parody show, Buck Lake, and we can’t wait to get our funny bones tickled!

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