July 10, 2017

New things everyday.

Being a camp staff is never boring; there’s always someone to talk to, a game to play, or something that needs to be done. One needs look no further than my current google autofill results to grasp the wide variety of things that might arise in a day – currently, ‘How to remove silly putty from a sleeping bag”, “How to build a PVC Alpenhorn”, and “How to identify a cedar waxwing” are the first things that pop up. Each disparate result is seemingly outlandish, but very important in their own way.


Taking the time to look into these things is what differentiates Arowhon staff from camp staff at other camps. This evening, taking note of a fellow staff members birthday, several counselors took the time to decorate the ML for staff snacks; earlier today, to promote the fun, playful nature of camp, Joanne challenged several of our Point staff to a rap battle in the ML (it was every inch as good as you think it could be!); and not to be outdone, our evening activity committee performed an EPIC skit for the Jr. Boys, featuring top notch beat boxing and a choreographed dance.


I don’t know if Joanne has ever rapped before; I’m not sure that any one in that Jr. Boys skit had ever danced in front of a group; and I’m certain that I’ve never thought about removing silly putty from a sleeping bag. All of us are inspired at Arowhon to try new things, take new risks, and be a little out there for the sake of the community – and it builds a environment that encourages our campers to do the same. It’s certainly one of the reasons I get out of bed every morning excited for the day to start. Because who knows? Tomorrow, I could be learning to fold a paper crane alongside a Jr. Girl, leafing through nature guides to learn about beetles with an Inter Boy, or (finally) making it back to the surf beach from the bay buoy – I just don’t know- and that excites me!



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