July 13, 2018

Fun with Alums!

We were sad to say goodbye today to alumni visitor Katie Canoe who spent the last week helping out at the canoe dock and leading “philosophical crafting circles” but we were quickly consoled by the arrival of both last year’s Junior and Inter Boys Section Heads Jonah and Ruben who have brought a whole lot of smiles to campers faces in the few hours they’ve been here. The returning campers of course love seeing their beloved old staff members, but alumni visits also remind us how Arowhon lives on in the hearts of everyone who has spent a summer here no matter how long and far they have been gone from Algonquin Park.

It was hot and sunny here today and the lake was so glassy the canoes cut through it like butter. Windsurfing turned into paddle boarding, and sailors engaged in epic splash wars. It was still so warm after our cookout dinner (what a perfect day for freezies!) that many evening activities took to the lake, with the Inter Girls playing a particularly intense game of greased melon water polo, and the Inter Boys going night sailing.

The Inters Boys who left of trip a few days ago have started returning and regaling us with tales of their wilderness adventures full of cool wildlife sighting, golden brown marshmallows, and unforgettable tent bonding. It really is true that the best place to find ourselves is in the middle of nowhere!


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