July 21, 2019

Go Greased Lightning!

Today the population of Planet Arowhon nearly doubled in size as the rest of our Inters and all of our Juniors returned from their canoe trips (all with huge smiles and smelling like campfire). Dinner in the Main Lodge was a wild one… between the symphony of spoons banging on bowls in anticipation of ice cream for dessert (much appreciated after a hot and muggy day!) and the ear-splitting cheers of the Juniors when we announced that they’d be getting tuck again after dinner.

Excitement was in the air as more high class awards were presented and the drama staff invited us to the long-awaited production of the Inter/Senior play: Grease. And as usual, Rustic Lounge Productions did not disappoint! The drama staff had creatively split each main role between an inter and a senior so everyone could have a chance to act and sing, and the creative casting worked beautifully. Not only was the play a pleasure to watch, but it was obvious that the actors were having a great time on stage (which really is the mission of camp plays). Their excitement was contagious and the whole camp sang along with the finale and rose for a standing ovation.

The Senior Girls are hard at work tonight getting everything ready for the Cotillion banquet and Rustic Lounge (their original satirical play) which everybody is looking forward to tomorrow. It never ceases to amaze me how much time, dedication, and energy our campers and staff put in behind the scenes to make the magical Planet Arowhon spin…

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