August 3, 2013

It’s a beautiful day in Algonquin Park

Bright sun, a few high white clouds… We had about 20 minutes of rain this afternoon but nothing major… Last night after the dance-off in Rustic Lounge we led the entire camp down to the lakefront with torches, and watched the ending skit for Battle of the Sexes, which culminated in pink fireworks being set off, cause guess who won the battle….We also had the break skit for the Inter Senior play – Chicago – the skit, in front of the Main Lodge, was a song and dance extravaganza…. AND a torch paddle, beautifully choreographed and led by two Inter Girls, performed just as the sun had set golden and pink over the lake. Watching the firelight of the torches (two on each canoe foe and aft) dance in reflection on the lake was magical, and enchantment of fire and water.

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