July 9, 2017

Maui Wowie!

Today the lake was all about the juniors as windsurfing and sailing co-hosted a super special Moana-themed day for them. They braved the open waters on their quest to save the Polynesian people, made fires and roasted marshmallows to survive when they washed up on “desert islands,” and searched for hidden tropical treasure!

The older kids continued to achieve awards all over the place, and the camp-wide tennis tournament kicked off its first matches. There was a huge crowd out watching the Arowhon A swimmers practice their dock dives and strokes after dinner, and the camp is looking quite colourful after a day of tie-dying at A&C.

After their spectacular performance of Buck last night, the Senior Boys left in high spirits on their canoe trips that will take them to the far north of Algonquin Park and back. We are so excited that almost all of the juniors who had the option to convert from 2 weeks to the full month did so and we can’t wait to spend another 2 rocking weeks with them!

Evening activities tonight ranged from dodgeball to rap battles (planned and run by this year’s stellar crop of LIT’s as part of their practice to become staff). We’re falling into bed content after being treated to a magical harvest moon rising over Tepee Lake. If only all readers were as lucky as we are!

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