July 1, 2013

Being Silly is SO Camp

Today at lunch we had an example of how the smallest things can turn into the biggest fun moments at camp, at the drop of a hat. A couple of days ago the riding staff had brought a small grey pony to dinner lineup and announced a “Name the Pony” contest. So kids submitted names. Today at lunch the riding staff (all 8 of them) stood up at announcements and each said the name of one of the contenders for the name. They asked for us to cheer for our favoured name. Well, the Main Lodge went berserk. We were cheering and yelling and banging on tables to vote for our favourite name, and when it was announced – Moon Waffle – everyone cheered and yelled some more. Such a small thing, and so much spontaneous fun. Lunch was also particularly delicious – quesadillas (made by our Mexican chefs) with salsa, sour cream and home-made guacamole. With two home-made soups (as always at lunch): Cream of corn and mushroom, and chicken noodle soup… But campers were still talking about how much they liked last night’s turkey dinner.

Today Arts & Crafts partnered with Nature and did charcoal sketching at Hidden Lake, a pretty lake that is reached by hiking through the woods for about 10 minutes… FAD (Fitness, Aerobics and Dance) did extreme fitness and boxing… Sailing had a race at Rest Hour, with racing coaching for beginner sailers… Lots of Juniors had beginner windsurfing lessons: They start with a land lesson on the windsurf simulator on the beach, and then learn with one-to-one instruction on “anchor boards.” These are windsurfers (with tiny sails) that are tethered (aka anchored) to one spot so that their range is less than 5 metres – so kids can experience windsurfing and practice skills (pulling up the sail, gaining confidence in their balance on the board, turning the board) without getting scared by being blown halfway across the lake…. and of course, it being Canada Day, at guitar kids learned to play O Canada.


Sometimes the smallest moments at camp turn into the most fun

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