August 18, 2014

Parting is sweet sorrow

Tonight was so bittersweet. The sweetness of the final banquet (sushi and smoked salmon mousse, BBQ steaks, Greek salad, curly fries, stuffed green peppers, home made chocolate truffles and mini chocolate eclairs for dessert). And afterwards, many many awards presented to campers for stuff like “most dedicated” and “most improved” at every activity…. Then we went up the hill to Rustic Lounge and watched the fan end-of-summer slide show.. Then we walked down to the front of the Main Lodge for the candle ceremony to say the final farewell to summer.

Now every counsellor and camper in camp has gone to bed for the night, it’s a silent camp… and cold! I reminded everyone a bunch of times to bundle up tonight and dress warm tomorrow morning.

The power went off halfway through the slide show. It was actually kind of cool because all over camp I heard generators go on automatically, and the slide show just kept on playing, music and all. I was reminded of  the first time  the power went off during my tenure as Director. It was about 23 years ago at 2 am in a thunderstorm.. I had no idea such things were possible. Leon and I scrambled to rent generators in Huntsville… it was a bit of a mess.

Nowadays when the power goes off sometimes I only know it’s off when I hear the sound of generators. Easy living, really.

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