July 17, 2021

Planet Arowhon: Vaccination Nation!

Here at Arowhon we believe passionately in the importance of vaccination. And we desperately want to keep our camp community safe from COVID. So at the beginning of the PreCamp training period, we collected info on the vax status of all our staff.

We knew that everyone 18+ was eligible to receive the Moderna vax; we bugged the pharmacies in Huntsville till we got what we wanted: 100 vax appointments. So during PreCamp, we bussed and drove just shy of 100 staff to Huntsville on three separate days to get vaccinated. Then we topped up our vax project yesterday by sending more staff to Huntsville for their 2nd shots, on the mandated vaccine interval timing.

Next step: We’re working on arranging vaccination for the 26 campers whose parents filled out our Camper Vax form with a YES, and also for the 17 staff who are under 18 and also need a Pfizer vax.

Bottom line: 71% of our staff are double vaxed!! And soon that number will climb, assuming we succeed at getting Pfizer in Huntsville for our under-18’s. Hurrah for getting to herd immunity!


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