August 2, 2018

Tamakwa Victory and Berries Galore!

With another day of plenty of silver sunshine we’re hopeful the fire ban will soon be lifted and we can enjoy s’mores again! The rain never slows us down at Arowhon though – we’re tough and we keep playing in it! Inter Boys modified their evening activity to become puddle jumping, and Inter Girls returning from trip were thrilled to get a free “shower”. And everyone knows that the lake feels warmer when it’s raining…

The Main Lodge is beautifully decorated today with hand-made art that campers are auctioning off staff for creative prizes, ranging from hugs to tuck (a creative program idea from alum Daisy). The porch of Arts and Crafts is bedecked with vibrant tie-die garments that were created there today, and the camp gardens are blooming lushly with all the rain. But the most exciting part of the change in weather is all the ripening raspberries and blackberries around site! Joanne has her hands full turning the berries campers give her into gourmet pies that she serves them in the ML.

Also, it’s no surprise that our campers made us proud of both their activity skills and sportsmanship in our intercamp competitions with Tamakwa today. As is tradition, we let them win at basketball but took home all the other medals;)



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