August 20, 2014

The two happiest days of a camp director’s year are

the day the campers arrive and the day they leave. The first is obvious – We would never do this job if we didn’t love it. The second is less obvious. The joy we feel when it’s over is tinged with sadness at saying goodbye to our beloved campers. But mostly we feel profound relief. Being the camp director means, above all, taking 100% responsibility for the safety and well-being of every single person here at camp. It means that if anything bad happens to anyone, I wear that with a heavy heart. Leon and I – and now our kids Max and Mara – see ourselves¬†in loco parentis –¬†standing in as parents for every single camper and staff. This is not a light task. And thus, when it ends, when we’ve sent everyone home in one piece, we breathe a collective sigh of relief and gratitude.

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