July 6, 2018

Windy day of learning

With temperatures back to normal levels the energy in the camp has sky rocketed. We can once again run and play and learn without worry of the heat. Not only did temperatures cool down a bit but the wind is showing up as well.

Sailing and windsurfing were the place to be today. Campers flew across the lake in our new Zest sailboats. They are fun to sail and a great boat to learn on, even in big winds. At windsurfing everyone who went out had a smile on their face and sore muscles by the end of the day.

On days like today you might think that canoeist might have a problem. Not here. Paddling in the wind only breeds stronger paddlers. With Seth Godin at the dock helping out our star instructors campers learned to use the wind to ferry where they needed to go.

Seth also spent some time with the whole instructing team. Teaching them more about how we use activities as not just a means to learn a new skill but as a way to build our character. The act of learning is so much more than just the skill you gain at the end of the process. This is our focus this summer more so than ever.

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