Working at Arowhon

is a real job

We’ll give you the tools, training and support to challenge yourself and grow as a confident and strong leader.

It’ll be the most fun you ever had and the best friends you ever made, while making a difference in the lives of children.

Algonquin Park—-A Dream Setting for a Dream Job

7620 square km of lake, river and forest is where nature soothes the soul, from daybreak with loon call to campfires under stars you’ll never see in the city.

How We Support You All Summer

Your team leaders and supervisors will be there to mentor you, to help you in challenging situations, to bond the staff group, and pitch in to support you to grow in to your best self.

As a Counsellor, You’ll Become a Professional Leader, with Lifelong Skills

At Arowhon leading kids isn’t just a matter of accidental success. We teach every staff member to use the research and intervention skills that will stay in your resume for life – and will keep your campers happy and growing this summer. You’ll learn conflict mediation and collaborative problem solving. Counsellors will learn how to give social skills training, how to manage large groups of children, to analyze and support cabin group dynamics, and motivational skills. Instructors and trip leaders gain valuable technical knowledge as well as relevant teaching skills.

How We Train You to be a Great Leader

Starting with Pre-Camp (a week before camp for Counsellors and instructors and 2 weeks before camp for trip leaders), you get to know your team members and learn the leadership skills you’ll need to be a fantastic camp staff – how to manage a group of kids, get them to do the stuff you need them to do, mediate their conflicts, intervene in bullying, teach them both activity and social skills, and grow them into great communicators and team players. You will learn from seasoned camp staff and highly qualified professional outdoor educators.

Instructing and Wilderness Canoe Trips

Part of what makes Arowhon special is our intensive skill instruction. Everyone at camp learns, from the senior staff to the campers. We teach camp activities and canoe tripping to a high level, and this grows confidence and self esteem in both campers and staff. Our wilderness site is the ideal location for a variety of outdoor activities and wilderness adventures. Set in the heart of Algonquin Park, Arowhon sends out flatwater and whitewater canoe trips across Ontario and Quebec.

“Working at Arowhon was so much more than a job for me. Arowhon is a place where your friends and coworkers become your family and you are pushed by them to grow into the best you can be. Right now I am teaching English to elementary students in Korea, I feel confident in my role here and I know that this confidence came from working at Arowhon.”




Job Opportunities

We are now hiring for ALL POSITIONS for 2023


If you have any questions, please e-mail or call (416) 975-9060.

Position Details:

Counsellors are 17 or older and live with and take care of campers (about 10 kids and 2 counsellors live in each cabin). Nobody matters more in a camper’s life – a counsellor is mom, dad, teacher, role model and best friend.

Special Needs Counsellors:

We have some campers with special needs, so Arowhon counsellors have the opportunity of being chosen to work in cabins that also have a child with special needs.

Canoe Trippers :

Canoe Trippers guide campers and counsellors on wilderness trips. (Junior Trippers can be hired at age 17, Senior Canoe Trippers can be hired at age 18).


Instructors teach activities to campers: Sail, Windsurf, FAD (fitness, aerobics & dance) Ride, Tennis, Arts & Crafts, Drama, Nature, Canoe, Kayak, Swim, High Ropes & Zipline, Climb, Guitar, Archery, Guitar and Landsports. (Head Instructors need to be a minimum age of 19, Assistant Instructors need to be a minimum age of 18).


(RN) support everyone's health at camp.

Maintenance Workers:

Maintenance Workers make the physical site work.

Office Staff:

Office Staff (minimum age 19) work in our Toronto office from May - June and then move to camp and spend the summer season up at camp with us helping to organize our lives.


Camp staff salaries are variable, and dependant on position, age, and the prior experience and qualifications of the applicant. For more information regarding salaries, please contact us at


All of our staff need experience working and volunteering with children in order to be considered for a position.


Bronze Cross


Bronze Cross & Wilderness First Aid

Water Instructors (except swimming)

Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid & Teaching Experience

Swim Instructors

NLS, Lifesaving Society Instructors, years of teaching and lifeguarding

Archery, Landsports, Riding, Tennis, & Nature Instructors

Standard First Aid and Teaching Experience

High Ropes/Zipline Instructors

Standard First Aid & Level 2 Challenge Course Training (Level 2 can be arranged during AROWHON staff training)

Climbing Instructors

Standard First Aid & Level 1 Challenge Course Training (Level 1 can be arranged during AROWHON staff training)

Arts & Crafts, Guitar & Drama Instructors

Standard First Aid and Teaching Experience

Office Staff

Need previous office experience

"Before I worked at camp my resume looked bare, as I had little platform to demonstrate the teamwork and leadership skills that are looked upon so favourably by employers. Arowhon changed all that and also allowed me to spend two summers in the beautiful Algonquin Park, building some lifelong friendships in the process!"


  • How does laundry work at camp?

    Staff have two options for laundry service: you can take your laundry with you on day off and do it in town or at a cottage. Or you can have your laundry done by camp’s professional laundry service once a week free of charge. (it gets returned in 24 hours)

  • Can I use the internet at camp?

    We have wifi in our Staff Lounge.

  • Can I get cell service at camp?

    The Staff Lounge has cell service.

  • Can I bring my cell phone to camp?

    Cell service is spotty in Algonquin Park. However, staff are allowed to have cell phones. Rule is: You may charge and/or use your cell phone in any staff-only cabin and/or the Staff Lounge. If you use your phone in a camper cabin or anywhere else campers go, we will confiscate it immediately. Same goes for ALL other electronic devices. (DVD players, iPods, computer games etc…) Campers aren’t allowed phones and it would be unfair for them to see you using yours.

  • Can my friends or relatives come visit me at camp?

    No, staff are not allowed to invite friends or relative into camp during the summer. If you would like to show camp to a friend or relative, they can pick you up on the last day of camp and you can tour them before you head home.

  • I have a wedding or exam during the summer. Can I still work at Arowhon?

    We understand that things can come up during the summer and we are open to discussing this with you prior to your employment at camp. Please contact a Camp Director for more information on these exceptions.

  • Do I get time off?

    Each staff member receives one day off per week (for a total of eight per summer). Three of these occur during first session, three during second session (24 hours each, from 6pm – 6pm), plus two in a row in between our sessions for which we provide free bus transportation to and from Toronto.

  • Can I bring my car to camp?

    Yes, except staff who are 18 years old and younger are not allowed to bring a car to camp. These staff are also not permitted to borrow another staff member’s car while at camp for use on day off.

  • When will I get paid?

    All salaries are paid digitally (by direct bank transfer or e-transfer) within 14 days of the end of camp. If you are 18+, you can request an advance on pay during the summer if needed.

  • Do you train all the staff before the kids come?

    Yes! All staff are required to attend Pre-Camp training which lasts 8-10 days.

  • Where can I go when I’m on my time off in camp?

    Most staff hang out in our comfy Staff Lounge with a video room, nightly movies … pool tables … ping pong … private phone booths … Internet access … and a big porch. If you want to sleep during your time off you can do that in your own cabin or a friends.

  • How is the food?

    We eat incredibly well at Camp Arowhon. Our Chef Stephanie leads a large team of skilled chefs who make most things from scratch. We have lots of choices so you can always find something that you like. We have main courses like pancakes, muffins, hamburgers, pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, grilled cheese and BBQ chicken. Plus, at breakfast we have fruit, homemade granola and oatmeal, at lunch we have a huge salad bar, 2 homemade soups, bread, jam, cheese and fruit and at dinner we have a homemade soup. There is always a separate meal for vegetarians, and we also accommodate food allergies. We also have a special staff snack every night.

  • How long do campers come to camp for?

    Most of our campers come for one or two months, but some of our campers ages seven to nine come for two weeks.

  • How many staff are on each canoe trip?

    Most canoe trips have a Canoe Tripper, a Counsellor & seven campers. If our campers are younger we make sure to have three staff and only six campers.

  • Where do your staff come from?

    We have staff who come from all across Canada and the United States and also from Great Britain, Europe, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand.

  • I have a commitment and would have to come late/leave early is this okay?

    Unfortunately, it is not okay. We are only able to hire staff who can work the full summer.

  • How many staff do you have? How many are new to Arowhon?

    We have 200 staff and about 50 are brand new to Arowhon every summer.

  • How old are your campers?

    Our campers are ages 7-15 and our 16 year olds are Leaders-In-Training.

  • Is there work before or after the summer?

    We hire staff to work in the spring and fall for our Outdoor Centre. To apply for Outdoor Centre spring or fall work, email

  • How many campers/staff are in each cabin?

    We have approximately 10 campers and two or three counsellors in each cabin.

  • Do counsellors get to choose the age groups they work with?

    Counsellors certainly get to request the age group they would most like to work with and feel best suited for, and shortly before you come to camp, we let you know which age group you’ll be with.

  • What are the dates for summer employment?

    Staff need to be available from approximately June 20th to August 20th