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Cabins are Not Tents, Not Palaces...
They're Just Right

Counsellors Live With their Campers. Not in "Counsellor Rooms."

This matters because at Arowhon the counsellors are right there with their campers, day and night. Two or three experienced counsellors live right there in the cabin with eight to twelve campers, for 24/7 supervision and caring attention.

A child’s family at camp is their cabin. In the cabin group, with expert counsellors as mentors, children grow their social, teamwork, and communication skills. Every cabin has electricity, a bathroom, and comfortable beds. Shower-houses with private stalls are a one-minute walk from every cabin.


Camp Food

is Real Food

Arowhon food isn't the camp food you grew up with

Because campers who like their meals are happier... And because in summertime in Canada, everything is available fresh. Our food is locally sourced and homemade on site, including the daily bread. Our experienced chefs make their own soups and burgers from scratch, roast chicken for Friday night dinners, and serve fresh waffles and pancakes with berries for breakfast. Our salad bars offer more than 40 fresh items, and Sunday brunch includes smoked salmon, chocolate croissants, and eggs to order. Things you'll never find in the Arowhon kitchen: processed cheese, powdered potatoes or eggs, and trans fats.

Each meal includes enough variety that picky eaters always find something. Our facilities are nut-free and we accommodate a wide variety of dietary restrictions.

Mealtimes in the Main Lodge are like family dinners. Counselors supervise their cabin group to make sure campers are enjoying the meal, having fun and feeling included. And of course they lead the cheers.

“The first thing I would say is how the food is AWESOME! Camp Arowhon has so many amazing activities, so you can't just stick to one all the years you're at camp! We have these amazing special days like Circus Day, Sadie Hawkins, and so many more! Camp teaches you how to bond with others and come out of your shell. It’s so welcoming and warm, that even if you're at Arowhon for the first time as a Junior, Inter, or Senior, people will treat you like you've been there the whole time.”