Camp Arowhon

Inclusion Program

The Beauty of Diversity

We are Proud to Support People with Diverse Needs and Abilities

Arowhon is a place where everyone, no matter their physical or mental status, is fully included in the community and celebrated for who they are. Campers and staff with diverse needs bring special gifts: their presence teaches and reminds us to respect every human and to know and cherish people who are different from ourselves. Campers in our Inclusion Program live in fully integrated regular camper cabins, with extra staff as needed to ensure that their particular needs are met.

We work to find appropriate positions and make accommodations so staff with diverse needs can have a place and thrive in our environment.

Which Special Needs Can We Accommodate?

We are able to accommodate people with a variety of needs including autism, ADD/ADHD, Down's Syndrome, and developmental delays. Because of the rough terrain of our site, people with significant mobility limitations would not be safe at camp, and because camp requires group living, we also cannot accommodate people with significant behavioural issues.

Whether or not you think they should be in the Inclusion Program, the more you can tell us about your child's needs before camp the better we'll be able to support them.

For more information please contact [email protected]

“You can make new friends, do the best activities ever!  Awesome campfires, staff, and much more!”
“Camp friends - I wouldn't call them friends
I would call them brothers”