New Parents


  • Do you have a doctor/nurse at camp?

    We have a doctor and three nurses at camp.

  • What happens when it rains?

    We put on our raincoats and keep on playing outside!

  • Does everyone get a part in the play?

    Absolutely! Everyone who auditions gets a part.

  • How do Junior Converts work?

    After about 8 or 9 days of Junior Camp, we ask the Junior Campers if they’d like to stay two more weeks (if you’ve given permission for that). If they say yes, they phone and talk to you to make that decision. If they say no, we let you know that.


  • How many new campers are there each summer?

    In the younger groups, more than half the children may be new. Among older campers far fewer are new to camp – because most of our campers come summer after summer.

  • How will I find out how my child is doing at camp?

    In the first three days, your child’s Section Head will phone to report on how your new camper is adjusting to camp. And then you’ll get another call later in the session with a 2nd update. As well, if you want info on your child at camp, you may call us and the Section Head will call you back within half a day and give you detailed info on your child.


  • When the counsellors leave the cabin at night, is my kid unsupervised?

    The counsellors wait till everyone is asleep to leave the cabin and then Night Duty starts, one counsellor for each section of campers (about four cabins) doing rounds of the cabins until 1 a.m., when a counsellor must sign in to each cabin for the night so that there’s always a staff on duty in case a camper wakes up and needs them.


  • What is the food like?

    SO yummy! There are lots of different choices every meal,  and something for everyone, from a giant salad bar and homemade soups, to burgers, pizza and wings.

  • Have any other questions?

    Email or phone Director Mara Kates ( / 416-975-9060