July 27, 2014

2nd day of full program for 2nd session

Another great day – new campers learned sailing and canoeing and windsurfing and more… After an extravaganza play  break yesterday at breakfast, Juniors auditioned yesterday for he Junior play – Matilda – and this morning at breakfast the cast list was posted and rehearsals started.

I spent 4th period teaching canoeing. Patrick, the head canoeing instructor, gave me a class of 12 advanced canoeists. What a blast. We practiced advanced solo strokes and talked about the philosophy and purpose of solo canoeing. It struck me then – as often – how special it is for adolescents – boys and girls together – to bond through the practice of a skill, to take on challenges 100% of their own choosing, and to work towards goals, with coed camaraderie and mutual support.

At dinner tonight (yummy brisket with home made mashed potatoes and al dente broccoli and salad, butter tarts for dessert) all of our 20 trippers formed a paddle arch in the centre of the dining hall. Matt, our Scots bagpiper/counsellor, piped in the long trippers through the paddle arch.  Andre, our Tripping Director, asked the camper long trippers to stand and made a moving speech about them. These Seniors leave tomorrow for a 14 day canoe trip on the Spanish River. We’re so proud of them!

It’s 8:35 under cloudy skies, a brooding silver blue sunset in the western sky. Junior girls are playing the Laundry Bag game, Inters are playing Capture the Fire, Senior Boys playing Stock Ticker, Junior Boys are on the field playing Bullfight, a new evening activity this year.

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