August 8, 2021

What a day!

What a day!

On the surface it’s been a great few day at camp. We’ve had a run of good weather, camp is abuzz from sunrise to sunset with campers training for push trips and high class awards, Green Leech Race last night featured the usual crew of creative crafts (won by Inter Boys paddling a surprisingly seaworthy picnic table on windsurf boards), the first heat of Wayne Peck (our annual sail race) was unsurprisingly won by Max’s wife Kash sailing with Junior Boys (Max and his one and a half year old daughter resigned after the first leg), and tonight was a re-vamped for 2021 politically correct Sadie “Notkins” complete with friendship ceremonies, a civil separation booth, and the classic corn roast.

But the real treats happened under the surface: the junior girls counsellor who took time from her day off to guard her cabin on the Nautilus (our new giant floating playground), the inspired conversations after the anti-racism session some counsellors took it on themselves to run for full staff, and the Junior Boy who has been working his butt off all month long who finally passed his swim test and can now stay the full month at camp – I’m not sure who was more proud and excited: the kid himself, the swim staff, the counsellor who swam with him, or me who supervised the test in emotional tears (not to mention his mom who must have been panicked to receive a call from camp at 9:30pm).

With only a couple of days left before the 2 and 6 weekers go home, staff are organizing special activities at every opportunity and campers are really seizing the days. So often I bury my head in the sand of the day-to-day to-do’s and forget to appreciate how lucky we are to live in this wilderness haven, but more than ever this year campers (and staff) are so excited and grateful about even the smallest of things I can’t help but share in the contagious joy.

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