August 8, 2017

A Bittersweet Evening

It was an unusual day on Planet Arowhon today as we prepared for our biggest junior camp travel day ever. We’re sad to be saying goodbye to 130 of our amazing campers, but are glad to have been able to provide a shorter intro to camp experience for older first timers this summer. Their last days were PACKED with activity! The past couple of mornings have been a buzz of energy in the early hours as the mists rises off of the lake with campers practicing for their high class awards tests, training for push canoe trips, and preparing for the beautiful torch paddle we got to see tonight. And all their work has paid off in the crazy amount of high class awards that have been achieved, including the first Arowhon A of the summer!

The sun was out again today which definitely added the morale of campers and staff alike. It was perfect conditions for the much-anticipated Wayne Peck Sailing Regatta which was won this year by 2 Senior Boys and their LIT. We can’t imagine a more perfect way to end for our 2 and 6 week campers: a well-needed day of sunshine followed by a magical evening of camp traditions.This evening’s activities were sectional closings where campers got to enjoy some final bonding time with their friends. Everyone is now tucked in for the night with their counsellors and doing a special cabin circle to commemorate all the wonderful memories we’ve made this month.

To all of our departing campers: we wish you a great rest of your summer and year and hope to see you back on Tepee Lake next summer!

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