July 4, 2021

A great day at camp! It feels so normal!

All over camp there is happy shouting. It’s 8:40 pm. The Junior sections evening activities have just wound up and they’re having snack. The Inter Girls are playing Name That Tune (jumping in the water to swim a lap when they know the song) at the Girls Dock and the Inter Boys are playing Dodgeball at the tennis courts.  The Senior Boys are rehearsing for their show Buck Lake. The Senior Girls are playing Know Your Counsellor. These are the most ordinary of Evening Activities.

Just like all day today was the most ordinary of camp days. Horseback riding, sailing, floor hockey, nature, beach volleyball, windsurfing etc. etc.

It didn’t seem to matter what activity kids were doing today – Joy abounded. Happy shouts and huge smiles everywhere. Every camper I asked about their day said pretty  much the same thing: “It’s camp. I love it. I’m so happy.”

The campers are being super good about masking when they get up from their table at meals, and staying in their cohorts. We are antigen testing everyone in camp twice a week. All negative so far!!!!

How grateful are we for the great staff who are supporting their campers? For the enthusiasm of our campers? We are all over the moon for be on Tepee Lake, at play together.

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