August 11, 2013

All the Inter Boys are back from trip

All the Inter Boys are back from trip. Some went on canoe trips and some on hiking trips, and a great time was had by all. We’re glad they’re back because the dining hall seemed kind of …. quiet without their wonderful loud boy energy and cheers. Today all the Juniors left on their canoe trips. Last night we had a gorgeous torch paddle, canoe ballet at its best with the torches fore and aft on every canoe reflecting off the darkening lake as dusk deepened… Today lunch was quesadillas with home made guacamole and salsa, and also an incredible tomato, lime and chick pea soup – thanks to Lucy, our Mexican chef. Tonight dinner is cookout (BBQ burgers and chicken breasts on buns)… and then it’s campfire for the whole camp. I’ll be telling the story of Tom Thomson’s mysterious death – by foul play..  and his role in the birth of the Group of Seven…. and there will be four 10-year jacket ceremonies, wherein people who have been at camp for ten years make a speech about why they keep coming back to camp, and they receive their 10-year Arowhon jacket.

Inter Boys are back from trip

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