July 4, 2023

Awards Galore

With several days of programming under our belts the award are starting to pile up! Each lunch and dinner, instructors announce which kids achieved awards in their activity that morning or afternoon, and the entire camp cheers to their accomplishment.

It’s evident that post-Covid, kids’ physical and emotional strength and resilience are building back up and we’re so impressed with our campers’ determination and skills. At camp we know that learning skills at activities and persevering through challenges grows children’s confidence and self-efficacy, and celebrating their activity achievements shows them that their effort and growth are more important than popularity or looks.

But the real beauty in awards lies in the pride that Arowhon campers and staff take in each other’s accomplishments.

When an award is given, the entire section erupts in pride. We know when parents tell kids how great they are it often falls flat, since kids know their parents aren’t objective. But when camp staff and their peers celebrate them, it really sticks.

In other news, the Junior Play was revealed to be Matilda in an epic skit in the Main Lodge (everyone who auditioned got a part) and practices are underway for a great first show of the season.

Juniors have also started to go on their overnights, and some Owls and Bears have left on their canoe trips.

The sun continues to shine, and we’re cooling down with frequent dips in the lake and ice cream for dessert.

Tonight is ETB (Early to Bed) so we can get rested up for another amazing week of camp!

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