July 25, 2023

Cheers to an Incredible Session

The past 2 days have been so filled with camp magic, making the ending feel especially poignant.

On Sunday the Senior Bears treated us to an incredible New York themed Cotillion banquet, followed by an amazingly written and performed production of their traditional staff parody play, Rustic Lounge. The night was capped off with a raucous dance party, and then special cabin circles happening all over camp, around fires, on docks, and even on top of the diving dower. Yesterday after the kids got backed up they had a super general (going to whatever activity they wanted) before our activity awards banquet, sectional closing activities, our session recap slideshow, traditional torch paddle, and speeches from staff who have been at camp for 10 years about why they keep coming back.

As we head into our last breakfast of muffins and boiled eggs, we’re both crying because it’s over AND smiling because it happened.

Thanks to everyone who made the magic possible this session, and we can’t wait to do it all again in a few days!

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