August 6, 2019

Cherish the day

Today was bittersweet as we prepared to say goodbye to the 2 and 6 week campers who are leaving tomorrow morning. For their final evening they were treated to a torch paddle for the record books, accompanied by live violin music played by an an Inter Girl on the floating dock in front of the Main Lodge. After that and the reading of this poem there were few dry eyes in the house…

As we enter into our final weeks of the summer, we commit to cherishing every precious moment of summer 2019.

If we were free

Of time and due

Then you and I

Might never canoe


If life were long

And had no end

There’d be no call

Of river bend


If we never had

To age or die

There’d be always tomorrow

Or next July


A bit too warm

Or chance of rain

We’d find ourselves

At home again


Paddle long, my love, and

Do not dwell

On the gentle sound

Of distant bell


Cherish the day

Sun and rain

Because today will never

Come again


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