July 17, 2016


Did we fool you parents too? We really pulled one over on the kids by “cancelling” Circus Day due to the rain on Friday… Best “fakeout” ever, right? It was a way better excuse than “there’s not enough cups in the ML” and it came as a huge surprise when we brought everyone together for the break skit before lunch today!

Camp was transformed into a colourful carnival this afternoon, complete with bouncy castles, cotton, candy, a petting zoo, and so much more. The sun was shining and Circus Day 2016 sure lived up to its reputation of being everyone’s favourite day in July.

The Senior Girls ran the soak-a-gram booth and kept everyone refreshed, the Junior Girls offered face painting and temporary tattoos, the Inters kept our bellies full with churros, fudgesicles, popcorn, and ice cream sandwiches, and the Senior Boys DJ’d the whole event. We ended the day with a slideshow in Rustic Lounge and got to re-live the glory all over again. We’re falling into bed tonight with full tummies and big smiles as we recall the scrumptious day of fun in the sun!

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