June 26, 2015

Day One!!!!

We had a GREAT first day at camp today. It was warm and sunny, the campers did their swim test, they toured to every activity in camp and saw cool skits by instructors and had some fun finding out about every activity. At dinner tonight the drama staff did an extravaganza song-and-dance skit (+20 actors in grand costumes) to break the Junior Play, The Wizard of Oz. Auditions are tomorrow… I met with every cabin in camp today for our Day One Emotional Safety Meeting – where every camper talks about what they need to feel safe emotionally in their cabin “family” and to make a plan for what they’ll do when the group has conflict. The campers blew me away with their high level of personal and emotional awareness, and I loved getting to know them…. Cabin pics were taken and will be both mailed to you and put up on our website soon, and every camper in camp was checked for lice by the professional lice ladies. No lice were found – but we know this is an imperfect science. Also every camper visited the Med Lodge for a brief medical checkin…Dinner was a big hit – my brisket recipe (secret ingredients Coke and mustard) with al dente green beans, roast potatoes and salad, vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing for dessert.

Day One at Camp was Great!

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