July 14, 2013

Hot, sunny and fun

Tonight was roast turkey with cranberry sauce and gravy, corn, roast potatoes and salad with spinach and romaine. Perfectly cooked moist turkey. Yummy butter tarts for dessert… and afterwards the cheering was over the top… Section cheers…. Junior Girls staff pouring ice on Junior Boys staff and getting thrown in the lake for it…. Kids cheering at the top of their lungs….It was the capper to a super fun day: Our climbing enthusiasts went on a trip to a rock wall outside Algonquin and had a great of climbing… This morning was Sunday brunch and sleep-in…Everyone’s favourite brunch item seems to be the chocolate croissants, with eggs to order coming in close second, especially the eggs benedict (yes, really!). After brunch was distance swims – Campers have the option to swim 1/4, 1/2 or 1 mile, always with a canoe beside them as guards. 76 campers did distance swims! But not everyone slept in. Our intrepid Brent boys and girls, who are training to paddle and portage 140 km to Brent and back in under 40 hours, are up early every morning, paddling and portaging before breakfast to ready themselves for the challenge… and on the aesthetic side of things, the Creative Writing Club met today as did the Glee Club.

Incredible camp spirit!

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