July 27, 2019

Magical Moments

5 Things I saw today that showed me what Arowhon is all about:

  1. On my way to ring the wake-up bell at 7:20 there were at least 7 canoes on the lake of staff and campers either training for push trips or enjoying the morning mist, not to mention the several Point Boys that sprinted by me with canoes on their heads.
  2. Watching an Inter Boy take a bus pan from a struggling Junior Girl in the clearing line.
  3. Overhearing the Senior Girls joyfully singing songs from The Sound of Music at the top of their lungs in not-so-perfect harmony.
  4. When the crowd of over 500 people became more silent for the Inter Girls that performed at campfire than they did for me (the Assistant Director)
  5. The standing ovation the entire Main Lodge gave the first camper to get a first class award this summer

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