August 10, 2019

Mini Camp!

What do you call too much cuteness at one camp? Mini Camp of course! Today we had 60(!) kids between the ages of 6 and 10 arrive to get a taste of Arowhon, and it’s been a breeze for me as our campers are doing a better job selling camp than I ever could. We always do a little speech to them before mini campers arrive about being ambassadors of camp , etc. but there’s really no need as their pride for Arowhon and sense of responsibility to look out for little people is clearly there already. It is especially touching to watch the 4 and 8 week Juniors puffed with pride as they get to be the “grown up experts” showing the ropes to the mini campers.

In other news, the much-needed rain over the past few days prevented the impending fire ban and has now moved on, leaving us with that perfect crisp late summer weather that begs for evening campfires, and I saw multiple cabin circles happening tonight around glowing embers. High class awards season has arrived and campers are working around the clock to perfect their skills, and of course everyone is whispering about if/when Colour War will happen and what the theme might be. So much excitement left and so little time… #carpediem

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