January 26, 2016

Andre Amiro joins Arowhon full-time year-round team!

We’re thrilled to announce that Andre Amiro is joining the Arowhon team full-time year round – just in time to get his 10-year jacket this coming summer! Andre started at Arowhon in 2007 as head of Climbing, he’s been a Program Director, was Director of our Outdoor Centre and for the past few summers Tripping Director.

Before coming to Arowhon, Andre was Director of Camp Lone Cloud in Nova Scotia. Winters, he’s been creating programs at Heartwood Centre for Community Youth Development in Halifax.

Andre is this kind of camp leader: It’s 8:52 pm and the entire camp is in the Rustic Lounge theatre. Well, not the entire camp. 40 staff are in front of the Main Lodge getting the Colour War break ready. Mara radios me to say they need another 12 minutes. Arowhon-a-Palooza (the annual camper talent show) is ending in 1 minute.

Oh no, dead air!

I tell Andre he has 1 minute to prep something (anything!) to kill 12 minutes. Andre grimaces… and lopes onto the stage, where he entertains 300+ campers for 12 minutes – with a flourish!

In his core job as our Tripping Director, Andre takes responsibility for teaching and supervising 23 canoe trippers and ensuring that every canoe trip we send out is safe, fun full of wilderness learning…. and yummy food.

Outside summertime, Andre will work with Max to run the Camp Arowhon Outdoor Centre and join our directing team to make Camp Arowhon and its tripping program ever more wonderful.


Arowhon goes from strength to strength

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