June 17, 2016

Camp is my happy place

I was driving down the camp road on Sunday, en route to camp for the summer. For most of my 66 years I’ve driven down this same road, and every time I do it, the feelings are the same: Exultation! Big word, big feelings. I am a round peg in a round hole. When people (grownups) ask me how I can possibly spend three months without every leaving Teepee Lake, I wonder how I couldn’t. Camp is my happy place. From dressing up in a tutu and tiara (usually with clashing rainboots) to comforting someone crying and then seeing the sunshine come out on their face – and owning a piece of that smile – or watching a child achieve something hard and special: I am so unbelievably lucky to be here at camp.

Yesterday I was on CBC Alberta Radio talking to people about camp. Although the words on the link don’t mention me, keep listening cause there I’ll be:


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