July 29, 2013

Day 2 of 2nd session full program

Oh what a great day it’s been… Junior Girls and Boys were  having anchor lessons to learn to windsurf, beginner canoeing and riding lessons… and the Junior girls are just now finishing up their evening activity of Sailing with the Tuck Fairies (i.e. learning to sail and getting candy from the tuck fairies)… Tomorrow evening, same thing for Junior Boys to introduce them to sailing (in the evening when the wind is low). I personally loved today partly because I got to be an Assistant Canoeing Instructor 3rd period and teach canoeing to a class of 10 campers… We worked hard for 45 minutes at J-stroke, inside turn, inside draw and feathering. And for the last 15 minutes we had much hilarity doing gunwale-bobbing – This is where you stand on the end of the canoe and bounce up and down to move it – ofttimes falling in the lake. The climbing program has been changing it up by climbing a milk crate tower, and at high ropes they’re doing initiatives as part of preparation for canoe trips… As for canoe trips, tomorrow morning we’re sending out two groups of Senior Boys and Girls on nine-day canoe trips to Temagami. Tonight at dinner we gave them a rousing send-off after the brisket (delicious) mashed potatoes and broccoli (veg quiche for the veggies).

Another great day at camp, from Junior Sailing with Tuck Fairies to long canoe trips

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