July 28, 2014

HoCho in Jo’s

At lunch today we announced that all juniors and inters who had signed up for windsurfing in the afternoon should go to Arts and Crafts instead because it was too cold. On my way out of the ML, a group of Inter Girls surrounded me BEGGING to go windsurfing because “it’s not thaaaat cold and we can see sun behind the clouds”.  I said “suit yourselves” and pulled down my toque a little farther. All afternoon our campers were out on the lake taking advantage of the great wind on windsurfers and in sailboats. I marvel at how even though we gave them the option to stay on land and be comfortable, they chose to keep going because they love the activities so much.

I went down to the girls swim dock later on to see if they needed any support getting kids in the water, expecting it to be a difficult day especially for juniors. I was surprised to find all the kids with smiles on their faces. They couldn’t wait to get in the water because they knew after they did they would be invited into Joanne’s cabin for hot chocolate and to warm up by her fire.

At dinner, all of the Inter Girls showed up in ski jackets, scarves, hats and mittens to mock the weather. They sang Frosty the Snow Man and wished each other Happy New Year.

All of these phenomena I witnessed today are a real indicator of who Arowhon campers are: they are resilient in the face of challenge, they find the fun in every situation, and they work hard because they know the reward will be worth it (whether that reward is the pride of mastering a flare jibe or a cup of hot chocolate made by Canada’s head gourmet).

By Mara Kates, Assistant Director

They couldn't wait to get in the water because they knew after they did they would be invited into Joanne's cabin for hot chocolate

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