August 17, 2013

It’s not over till the fat lady sings

My father, Eugene Kates, who ran Arowhon throughout my childhood, used always to say that at the end of camp we have to “wind up, not wind down.” We’re winding way up! A group is leaving this afternoon for a special “survival skills” overnight with one of our trippers who has strong outdoor survival skills… The LITs are just now paddling back into camp from their solo’s… At Rest Hour today we’re holding the Wayne Peck Sailing Regatta (three camper/staff boats each from all four of the qualifying heats). All over camp, starting early this morning, campers are doing high level activity tests and Arowhon A testing…. Last night was a fabulous campfire: Highlights were a rousing rendition – everyone singing – of Bog, Bog the Rattlin’ Bog… and the final three 10-year jacket ceremonies of the summer… We’re delighted that 18 people celebrated 2013 as their 10th year at camp – and were honoured at a campfire ceremony which included receiving their 10-year jacket.

Wind up, not down!

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