November 26, 2014

Arowhon in Action!

The first ever Arowhon in Action event this past weekend brought out 150 Arowhon campers and parents to pack bags of clothes and food for the homeless, decorate them in true Arowhon Arts & Crafts style, and have a lot of fun while we did it – not to mention candy floss, caramel popcorn and prizes like candy tuck and cabin ice cream parties. And – this part is almost impossible to believe but they, we’re Arowhon people – It took five SUV’s all loaded to the ceilings to transport the food and clothing bags tea we as a community packed up. So congrats to al the campers and parents who got together on Sunday to have some fun doing good…. Next Arowhon in Action event is February 21, we’ll keep you posted.

Arowhon families get together to do community service - and have fun!

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