August 5, 2022

Rocking out on Planet Arowhon

It’s been a hot, sunny, and amazing few days on Planet Arowhon. Now that camp is well underway the energy is really ramping up and it feels like the special events just keep on coming!
Last night we were blown away by a truly incredible Junior Play – School of Rock. The kids delivered their lines with confidence (and when they forgot they remind each other), played air guitar with gusto, and “stuck it to the man” at the top of their lungs – the applause nearly brought down the house.
After breakfast today we were ushered out to find jugglers, clowns, mimes, and acrobats inviting us to a Camp Carnival. By after lunch camp was covered with bouncy castles, cotton candy machines, and face-painting booths, and everyone was wearing silly costumes. We spent the afternoons going from booth to booth playing silly games, stuffing our faces with fun food, and cooling down with soak-o-grams.
One of the booths was a creative watercraft building station where campers and staff worked together to make vessels for our annual Green Leech race (where you can paddle anything BUT a canoe). Few actually made it to the finish line, but a great time was had by all. A favourite of mine was the Point Moose who somehow managed to make a dining hall bench seaworthy with the aid of many lifejackets and rolls of duct tape.
Camp is reverberating now with bass from the Magen Boys dance, and I can smell the woodsmoke from the campfire where the kids who aren’t into dancing are roasting marshmallows and tossing frisbees. We will all be sleeping well after so much excitement!

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