August 26, 2013

CBC Radio interviews Arowhon director Joanne Kates

CBC Radio did a show yesterday on the impacts of summer camp, and they interviewed me about how our campers are changed by camp. We talked about how people turn into their best selves at camp – hear the interview at

But what we didn’t talk about was the sheer fun of it all. The ear-splitting yelling and cheering, the banging of spoons on melmac… the hilarity when one section “steals” another section’s cheer and their section head gets put in the lake for it… the gut-splitting laughter at funny skits… the carefree-ness of filthy feet and never caring what you look like… the non-stop hugs and smiles… the great joy of sharing the triumphs of a senior – when we all remember them as a scared junior seven years ago.

As it says on the sign on the Rec Hall: You don’t stop playing because you get old. You get old because you stop playing.

How camp changes children

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