July 17, 2022

Super Sunday

It was a SUPER special Sunday today with our traditional sleep-in and buffet brunch, compete with tropical fruit, chocolate croissants, smoked salmon, and eggs to order. The delicious food gave campers plenty of energy to do a super cabin clean up and distance swims (thanks to all that hollandaise-flavoured fuel). Then we took it up a notch from our regular Sunday super general and had each activity mix it up by hosting things like Western day at the barn, chicken-boarding and paddle board yoga, and making air pockets under canoes… after a full week of working hard on activity skills it was great for everyone to play around and just focus on having fun.
After the scorching heat of the day, the cooler evening was the perfect background for the inters’ favourite evening activity: Survival (where campers are either herbivores, omnivores, or carnivores and have to survive by finding food and water and avoiding predators) – watching the game I reflected on how wonderful it is to provide children of different genders a space where they can interact through play instead of social posturing, challenge themselves and each other in a safe, structured environment, and learn that it’s what’s on the inside, not their gender or clothes, that makes a person who they are.

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