July 16, 2017

Switching it up!

What a day we had a camp! Things started off with a Sunday sleep in. You know what that means! Eggs to order in the Arowhon kitchen, chocolate croissants and all number of other tasty breakfast foods. Then we began our first distance swim of the summer. Campers took part in the ¼ mile, ½ mile and full mile swims. With safety being our number 1 concern when it comes to swimming, each camper had a canoe paddling next to him or her, always within arms reach and a trained lifeguard in each canoe.

The day continued with some exciting changes to the norm. When the management team walked in to the main lodge for dinner tonight we found that the whole senior boys section had moved the table we normally sit at (the head table) to the far side of the main lodge and replaced it with all of their tables. Good one point boys!

The day ended with the senior girls beginning their preparation for the Rustic Lounge play that we are all looking forward to seeing them perform at the end of the session. Although practices are totally secret, I have heard it is going to be a very funny show.


– Max

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