July 16, 2013

The long trip is back!

Nine days ago six Senior Boys and three staff (two seasoned trip leaders and a counsellor) left camp and paddled eastward literally the entire breadth, all the way across Algonquin Park to the Barron Canyon. They paddled and portaged for nine days, braving huge winds, unmarked portages – and the sheer challenge of a 173 km journey. One portage was 6 km! They paddled through canyons with 100 metre cliffs on either side, swam in rapids, made and baked fresh bread, picked wild blueberries and baked a pie… rigged a tarp on their canoes and sailed across one of the biggest lakes in Algonquin…. and today they made a triumphal return to camp. The entire camp gathered at the lakefront to welcome these heroes back to camp… At dinner we made speeches about their valour and presented each of them with a miniature Arowhon canoe in honour of their great achievement.

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