July 8, 2023

Trip What? Trip YEAH!

Our first round of canoe trips have started to come back and we’re loving all the stories and pride coming back with the Bears and Owls.

2 nights ago the Senior Moose put on a wonderful production of Buck Lake – a satire play about the staff, performed by the kids dressed as staff. The play was followed by a brief but awesome dance party in the Rustic Lounge theatre.

The sun continues to shine on Tepee Lake as campers sail, surf, swim, and paddle towards their thirds (the basic mastery of an activity award). On the land there’s just as much going on, with new records being set at the climbing wall, kids learning to trot and canter on horseback, impressive music and art being produced, and incredible sportsmanship on the field and courts.

We’re looking forward to our first Sunday Sleep-in and brunch tomorrow (can’t wait for the lox, chocolate croissants, and eggs to order!) and a super cabin clean up to see who gets the next cabin clean up ice cream party (Dragonflies earned the first one).

And the staff are happy because we have our visiting massage therapist here to boost their morale so they can continue to show up for your amazing kids every day.

All in all, it’s been a great first week of camp and we can’t believe it’s almost time to say goodbye to the 2 weekers. Time really does fly when you’re having fun in the sun!


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