August 22, 2021

Where Did the Summer Go?

The past week at camp has been a whirlwind of activity; it feels like we took all of the energy that’s been pent up inside for the past 20 months and used it to really make the most out of our last days here. What I believe really happened though is that at this point in the summer we’ve finally undergone enough healing from the trauma of Covid that kids and staff alike are able to be their real and best selves again. When we’re free from external stress, we’re more able to care for ourselves and others, we feel more confident and are therefore able to take on new challenges, and we can truly connect with those around us, and that’s what we really saw in the last week.

Yesterday was full of campers doing wacky activities, achieving one last award, and crossing things off bucket lists. The mood as we packed today has been bittersweet. After not being used to being away for a day, let alone a month or two, campers are definitely excited to see their parents, but also sad to leave the safety and connection of Planet Arowhon. We did everything we could today to seal in those positive memories and lessons with closing activities and ceremonies, including, of course, the magical candle-lighting under a rising harvest moon. It felt just like the last night of camp ought to, and I’m confident that more so than ever this year, every single camper and staff will return home stronger and more resilient than when they arrived.

Thank you so much parents for sharing your most precious possessions with us; they make camp what it is and make it all worth it! We wish you a healthy, happy year, and stay posted here for our incredible slideshow to help your kids hold onto the memories they made Tepee Lake.

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